ArcheRage Paypal Donation

Using Paypal to donate to ArcheRage at the current time is difficult. The following (convoluted) method is shown to work though.

  1. You need to buy a PixelCard from Register an email with them and then log into the site.


  2. After login choose "Purchase" in the top menu.


  3. You will be making a "SUPER REWARDS" purchase.


  4. Once you make your purchase choose "Account" on the top menu.


  5. At the bottom of the Account page you will see purchased pixel cards, choose "view card".


  6. The right panel holds the "Card Information" field and "Card Code", we need this for the next step.


  7. We will use for the conversion to ShadowCard.You must use the Google Translate dropdown to make the page English. This site is hosted in Russia so some users may not be able to reach the page. Use the "Register" button to sign up for the site.


  8. Once signed in you see a large "Create Exchange" key, click it.


  9. To create your ShadowCard you need to enter the "Card Code" from PixelCard and the strange Captcha on the ArcHex site. For the Captcha below the answer is 7786.


  10. Once you enter your information and go back to the main page it is a waiting game. The "status" and "result" fields will read "Queue", after several minutes or longer they will change to the below or a failure message if your information is invalid.


  11. Once completed click on your "Card Code" in the "Map Column". You will open to a new page with a long string on it, this is your ShadowCard number.


  12. Open and enter your ShadowCard number to donate and claim your credits!