LVM Shenanigans

Making a larger partition from new disk space

Enlarge the partition with parted

parted (select disk)
resizepart #

LVM: we need to tell the LV subsystem about the new disk space; we do this by first extending the physical volume which occupies the partition:

pvresize /dev/sdX#

then the logical volume

by percentage

lvresize -r -l 100%PVS /dev/mapper/XXXXXXXX

by GB

lvresize -r -L +4GB /dev/mapper/XXXXXXXXX

If df -h still shows the wrong size then the above command didn't expand the FS as it should. This could be due to version issues of the tools. Run resize2fs on the mapped volume.

Moving disk space around

File system check the volume to be shrunk, then shrink it by several GB more than you will be reclaiming. It will be enlarged later. Shrink the volume by your desired amount.

Assuming an end goal of 200G

e2fsck -f /dev/foo/roo
resize2fs /dev/foo/roo 180G
lvreduce -L 200G /dev/foo/roo

Enlarge your target voume to take all now free space

lvresize -r -l 100%PVS /dev/foo/boo

Fix the filesystems

resize2fs /dev/foo/roo
resize2fs /dev/foo/boo