SANE on a Pi

CUPS was relatively easy to setup, SANE will allow me to use my USB Epson V370 over the network as well.

Server locally

  1. Install sane and sane-utils
  2. Look for scanners with sane-find-scanner
  3. Verify a scanner is usable with scanimage -L
  4. Test scanning with scanimage >image.jpg --format jpeg

Server over the network

  1. Add your subnet into /etc/sane.d/saned.conf to permit access
  2. Enable, and start the saned service
sudo systemctl enable saned.socket
sudo systemctl start saned.socket
systemctl status saned.socket

SANED runs on port 6566

Linux client

  1. Install simple-scan sane-airscan
  2. Add server IP to /etc/sane.d/net.conf
  3. scanimage -L on the client should report the scanner from the server.



Debian docs

Arch wiki

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